Ann Stith Bolling (Mrs. Robert Bolling)

Artist: Unknown
Date: ?

Ann Stith Bolling was the daughter of Major John Stith and Jane Gregory Stith. She was the wife of Robert Bolling, the mother of Robert Bolling, Jr., and grandmother of Martha Bolling Eppes (Mrs. Francis Eppes). A portrait of her along with one of her husband is said to have descended at Eppington with Eppes descendants.

The location of the portrait is unknown.

According to a family history, “so many of the Eppington portraits and old relics are lost. Among the portraits was one of Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson, presented by Mrs. Jefferson to Mr. and Mrs. Francis Eppes. There were also portraits of Richard Eppes and Martha Bolling, father and mother of Francis Eppes, and also a portrait of colonel Robert Bolling and his wife Ann Stith.”

See: Eva Turner Clark, Francis Epes, His Ancestors and Descendants (1942): 253.
I would like to thank Diane Ehrenpreis for bringing this portrait to my attention.

Family: BollingStith
Location: Eppington
Decade: Unknown
Attributes: woman