called Colonel Charles Carter of Cleve (1707-1764)

Artist: Unknown
Date: probably 1740-1760

This portrait is identified in FARL records as Charles Carter of Cleves. There are two other known portraits of the subject. One, by an unidentified artist, is at Colonial Williamsburg. The other, is known through the will of Charles Carter’s son-in-law, John Champe, and was by John Hesselius. This portrait does not appear to be by John Hesselius, who has a distinct style. It is unclear where the subject attribution originates, but it may represent Charles Carter. The style is similar to other portraits of Carter family members.

The subject is seated and wears a white wig with a ponytail over his right shoulder. He is angled towards his left. His left hand points out of a tall window towards a landscape. His right elbow rests on a table. On the table are two books and a piece of paper. A bookshelf is behind him.


Family: Carter
Location: Unknown
Credits: Private collection. Photograph courtesy of the Frick Art Reference Library.