called Mary Mann Page (Mrs. Matthew Page, 1672-1707)

Artist: Unknown
Date: ?

Mary Mann Page married first, Matthew Page, and then John Page. This portrait has been extensively overpainted. It is hard to date. If this is the portrait of Mary Mann Page mentioned in John Page’s will, it was likely painted along with her children and her husband’s portraits before 1703. It may also be another Page family member. It descended in the Page family from descendants who once lived at Rosewell.

Possible reference: John Page’s will, written in 1709, left a portrait of a Mary Mann to her son, Mann Page I (1691-1730). Mary Mann married first, Matthew Page, and second, John Page. “To my son-in-law Mann Page on his arrival in Va. a saddle horse, a large bible, and a picture of his father and mother, the late Matthew Page and Mrs. Mary Page, himself and his two sisters Alice and Martha.” See John Page Will, PROB 11/567/8, National Archives, Kew.

Dimensions: 46 x 36 in. (116.84 x 91.44 cm.)

The subject wears a rust colored dress with a blue drape over one shoulder and her lap. Her right hand is raised to her shoulder and touches her hair. Her left forearm rests on a table covered in a Turkey carpet.

Family: Page
Decade: Unknown
Credits: Muscarelle Museum of Art, Gift of Dr. R.C.M. Page, 1897.008.