called Mrs. M. Church (1702-1741?)

Artist: Unknown
Date: 1725

According to the Winterthur records, an inscriptions identifies the subject as “Mrs. M. Church in/1725/ Di: May 7, 1741/ Age 23”. It is unclear who the subject is or who the artist is, though it bears stylistic similarities to works dating to the 1720-early 1740s, including works by Charles Bridges and members of the Carter family by unknown artists. It is unclear what the provenance of this portrait is; however, its association with Charles Bridges, while unlikely, suggests a Virginia connection as Bridges only worked in Virginia.

The subject wears a dress with a jeweled clasp at her breast and a drape around her shoulders. She holds a wreath of flowers. She stands by a window through which is a view of a landscape.

See: Winterthur Decorative Arts Photographic Collection (DAPC), filed under Charles Bridges

Family: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Decade: 1720s