Nathaniel Burwell (1680-1721)

Artist: Unknown
Date: probably 1710-1720

This portrait is identified by family tradition as Nathaniel Burwell. It did not descend with the portrait identified as his wife, Elizabeth Carter Burwell. Nathaniel Burwell lived at Fairfield Plantation. If it is Nathaniel Burwell, it was likely painted in the 1710s or ca. 1720. It may or may not have been painted by the same artist who painted the portrait identified as his wife.

Dimensions: 44 x 38 in. (111.76 x 96.52 cm.)

The portrait represents a man wearing a dark blue robe or drape over his embroidered jacket or waistcoat. His left hand is on his hip, resting above a sword. His right hand holds a pair of dividers over a globe, which sits on top of a table covered in red cloth. A column is behind him and beyond that is a landscape with mountain and ships visible through the window. He is turned three-quarters to his right.

Family: Burwell
Decade: 1710s
Credits: Private collection.