called Philip Ludwell I (1738-ca. 1716)

Artist: Unknown
Date: ?

The portrait is identified by the owner’s family tradition. However, the portrait stylistically appears to date to the early eighteenth century, too late to represent Philip Ludwell I. It may represent another member of the Ludwell family. The portrait appears to have descended with the portrait identified as either Hannah Ludwell Lee (Mrs. Thomas Lee) with two children or Frances Grymes Ludwell (Mrs. Philip Ludwell III) with two children. The portrait was likely painted in England.

Dimensions: 49 x 39 in. (124.46 x 99.06 cm.)

The subject is a young man wearing a dark jacket and an embroidered waistcoat. He wears a white or light gray wig. A sword is on his left hip. His left hand is tucked into his waistcoat. His right hand rests on top of two books piled on a carved chest. Another book is propped upright.

See: MESDA Database, S-3806

Family: Ludwell
Location: Unknown
Decade: Unknown
Credits: Private collection, MESDA Object Database, record S-3806, Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA), Winston-Salem, NC.