called Robert Carter II (1706-1734)

Artist: Unknown
Date: probably 1720-1734

Robert Carter II was the son of Robert “King” Carter and Elizabeth Landon Carter. He inherited Nomini Hall among other lands. When the portrait was cleaned, evidence of an earlier portrait of a man became visible underneath, but oriented upside down. It is unknown who the second man in the portrait is or why he was painted over.

Dimensions: 30 x 25 in. (76.2 x 63.5 cm.)

Reference: “my pictures each Child to have his own picture my son [John] to have my first picture and his mothers also my gold watch and diamond ring my Son Robert to have my other picture & his mothers picture,” Will of Robert “King” Carter, 1726

The primary subject wears a wig and a dark jacket with large buttons and appears in a painted oval. Underneath is a man with dark hair.

See: FARL; Edmund Berkeley, Jr., ed., The Diary, Correspondence, and Papers of Robert “King” Carter of Virginia, 1701-1732 (2009)

Family: Carter
Location: Nomini Hall
Decade: 1720s1730s
Credits: Private collection. Photograph by Ira W. Martin, courtesy of the Frick Art Reference Library.