called Thomas Mann Randolph (1741-1793)

Date: ca. 1755-1758

Thomas Mann Randolph was the son of William Randolph and Maria Judith Page Randolph of Tuckahoe Plantation. The portrait appears to have descended in the family.

Dimensions: 50 1/2 x 40 1/2 in. (128.27 x 102.87 cm.)

The subject wears a dark jacket over a white waistcoat. The cuffs of the jacket are trimmed. A queue ribbon is visible behind his neck. His left hand is tucked into his waistcoat and his right hand holds a whip at his hip. A dog is at his left side and looks straight up at him.

See: Alexander Wilbourne Weddell, ed., A Memorial Volume of Virginia Historical Portraiture, 1585-1830 (1945), 203; Encyclopedia Virginia 

Family: Randolph
Decade: 1750s