Dr. James Greenway (1720-1795)

Artist: John Durand
Date: 1770-1780

The date of this portrait is uncertain; it could date to the 1780s. Dr. James Greenway was an emigrant to Virginia and was a botanist. He married Martha Dixon.

Dimensions: 29 3/4 x 24 1/2 in. (75.57 x 62.23 cm.)

The subject wears a brown jacket and brown waistcoat with gold buttons, He is turned towards his left. To his left is a bookshelf filled with books and a microscope. His left hand rests on an upright book.

Family: Greenway
Location: The Grove
Decade: 1770s
Credits: Muscarelle Museum of Art, Gift of President John Stewart Bryan, 1937.009.