Speaker John Robinson (1704-1766)

Date: ca. 1755-1758

John Robinson was the son of John Robinson and Catherine Beverley Robinson. He lived at Mt. Pleasant in King and Queen County. Robinson married first, Mary Storey, second, Lucy Moore, and third, Susanna Chiswell of Williamsburg. After his death, his estate was sold and his daughter, Susanna Robinson Nelson (Mrs. Robert Nelson) of Malvern Hill inherited the portrait.

Dimensions: 36 x 29 in. (91.44 x 73.66 cm.)

The subject wears a gray wig and a dark brown jacket. He sits in a blue upholstered chair and is turned towards his right. His left hand rests on a book, which sits on a table covered in blue cloth.

See: Colonial Williamsburg eMuseum; Encyclopedia Virginia

Family: Robinson
Decade: 1750s
Credits: The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Museum Purchase, 1930-592.