Judith Page Nelson (Mrs. Hugh Nelson)

Date: 1771

Judith Page was the daughter of John Page and Jane Byrd Page. She married Hugh Nelson of Yorktown in late 1770 or 1771.

Dimensions: 23 x 18 1/4 in. (58.42 x 46.36 cm.)

The subject wears a pale purple dress with a sheer scarf, a pearl necklace, and pearls in her hair. She is inside a painted oval frame and is turned towards her left.

See: Charles Coleman Sellers, “Charles Willson Peale with Patron and Populace. A Supplement to “Portraits and Miniatures by Charles Willson Peale,” Transactions of the American Philosophical Society 59, 3 (1969), 73, 115.

Family: NelsonPage
Location: Yorktown
Decade: 1770s