Maria Carter Beverley (Mrs. Robert Beverley, 1744-1815)

Artist: Unknown
Date: probably 1755-1770

This portrait was recorded at Westover in 1813, home of the Byrd family. Maria Carter Beverley was the daughter of Landon and Maria Byrd Carter (1727-1744). After her mother’s death, she spent a lot of time at Westover with her grandmother, Maria Taylor Byrd. She later married Robert Beverley (ca. 1740-1800) of Blandfield in 1763. The portrait is presumed missing.

Mary Willing Byrd’s will left to the subject’s daughter, Ann Beverley Corbin, “The picture of her mother Mrs. Maria Beverley as a small testimony of the esteem I feel for her.”

See: “The Will of Mrs. Mary Willing Byrd, of Westover, 1813, with a List of the Westover Portraits,” The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 6, no. 4 (April 1899): 345–58.

Decade: 1750s1760s
Attributes: woman