Mary Tabb Bolling (Mrs. Robert Bolling III, 1737-1814)

Artist: John Durand
Date: 1770-1775

Mary Tabb Bolling was the daughter of Thomas Tabb and Rebecca Booker Tabb. She married Robert Bolling III in 1758. According to family tradition, the portrait represents Mary Tabb Bolling holding her youngest daughter, Marianna Bolling.

The portrait shows a woman seated at a table with a baby in her lap. She wears a blue dress trimmed in lace, a necklace, and a lace cap. Her left arm rests on a wooden table and her right arm is around her baby. The baby wears a white gown and appears to hold a rattle in their left hand. The woman is seated in a wooden chair. A red curtain with large tassels is on the right side of the painting. The portrait has been overpainted. See here for an image of the portrait.

Family: BollingTabb
Location: Petersburg
Decade: 1770s