Mary Thomson Mason (1731-1758)

Artist: Unknown
Date: 1745-1758

This portrait is believed to represent Mary Thomas Mason, daughter of George Mason III and Ann Thomson Mason. She was the sister of George Mason IV. She married Captain Samuel Selden in 1751.

Reference: “Memo. It is my will and desire that my cousin, Frances Moncure, the wife of John Moncure, Clk, take care of my daughter Mary Thomson Selden deced’s Picture now in my Hall, and give it to my Grandson Samuel Selden, when he come of age, but if he should die before he becomes of age, that then it be given to my Grand Daughter, Mary Selden, and further that if both my Grandchildren should die then to be given to my Eldest Son.” – Stafford County, Virginia, Will Book O, 1748-1767, Ann Thomson Mason, Will, 1762.

Dimensions: 31 1/4 x 25 in. (79.38 x 63.5 cm.)

The subject wears a blue dress with a pink drape around her shoulders. She has flowers in her hair. She appears inside a painted oval.

Family: MasonSelden
Decade: 1740s1750s
Credits: Courtesy of George Mason’s Gunston Hall, G438.