Rebecca Lewis Innis (Mrs. Robert Innis, b. 1750)

Date: 1775

Rebecca Lewis was the daughter of Warner Lewis and Eleanor Bowles Lewis of Warner Hall. She married Dr. Robert Innis. The subject was also painted as a child by John Wollaston in a double portrait with her brother, Warner Lewis.

Dimensions: 30 3/4 x 25 3/4 in. (78.12 x 65.41 cm.)

The subject wears a blue dress. Pearls are intwined in her hair. A pink rose is pinned at her breast and jewel clasps are at her sleeves. She holds a mandolin. Her body is angled towards her left and she looks towards her right. The portrait is signed and dated.

See: Charles Coleman Sellers, “Charles Willson Peale with Patron and Populace. A Supplement to “Portraits and Miniatures by Charles Willson Peale.” Transactions of the American Philosophical Society 59, 3 (1969): 67, 118.

Family: InnisLewis
Location: Unknown
Decade: 1770s