Unknown Clayton family members

Artist: Unknown
Date: ?

Francis Hargreaves, a tutor of the Churchill family at Wilton in the 1770s, recorded seeing “family pictures drawn by Sir Godfrey Kneller” at Windsor plantation, home of the Clayton family. Unfortunately, it is unknown which family members were represented or who painted them. At the time Hargreaves saw the portraits, Jasper Clayton, son of John Clayton (1695-1773) was living there. It is probable that one of the subjects was John Clayton, the botanist.

See: “Historical and Genealogical Notes,” William and Mary Quarterly 4, 3 (January 1896), 200; Francis Hargreaves, “The miscellaneous works of F[rancis] H[argreaves] in prose and verse, volume the second, 1777-1779,” Library of Virginia, MS 24817; Encyclopedia Virginia

Family: Clayton
Decade: Unknown