Unknown Fitzhugh family member

Artist: Unknown
Date: ?

William Fitzhugh (1651-1701) was an immigrant to Virginia. His 1701 will mentions “6 Pictures of my Relations.” A portrait of his father, Henry Fitzhugh, is known through a later copy. It is unclear who the other 5 pictures recorded. It has been speculated that his mother may have been the subject of one.

Reference: William Fitzhugh’s Will, “I Give my son William my own & wife’s pictures & the other 6 Pictures of my Relations together,” in William Fitzhugh’s Will and Inventory, 1701

See: Richard Beale Davis, ed., William Fitzhugh and His Chesapeake World, 1676–1701: The Fitzhugh Letters and Other Documents (1963), 379.

Family: Fitzhugh
Decade: Unknown