Unknown Moseley Family Members

Artist: Unknown
Date: ?

In the nineteenth century, at least 14 Moseley family portraits, were recorded in the collection of Edward Hack Moseley (1743-1814). It is unknown exactly how many dated to the colonial period. Four of the portraits were William Moseley, Susannah Moseley, William Moseley II, and Arthur Moseley. According to the family, every generation was represented, starting with William and Susannah Moseley. The Moseley family collection appears to have descended through William Moseley II at Rolleston Hall until the collection was divided in the late nineteenth century.

Reference: Undated inventory of Edward Hack Moseley (1743-1814) includes the following “Furniture in the Hall: 12 Family Pictures, 9 Pictures in Frames.
In the Dining Room: 2 Family Pictures, 8 small ditto in Frames, 8 small Pictures.”

See: Charles Bolton, The Founders: Portraits of Persons Born Abroad (1919), 175-189; Essex Institute Historical Collection, v. 49 (1913), 178-183; “Families of Lower Norfolk and Princess Anne Counties: Moseley Family of Lower Norfolk County,”¬†Virginia Magazine of History and Biography¬†5, no. 3 (January 1898): 327-334.

Family: Moseley
Location: Rolleston Hall
Decade: Unknown