Anna Baird Weisiger (Mrs. Joseph Weisiger)

Artist: John Durand
Date: 1770-1776

Anna Baird was the daughter of John Baird. She married Joseph Weisiger. There is no date associated with this portrait; it is possible that it was painted in the 1780s during one of Durand’s later trips to Virginia.

Dimensions: 29 1/4 x 24 1/8 in. (74.3 x 61.24 cm.)

The portrait represents a young woman wearing a blue dress with a large pink bow. She wears an earring, a cord and a ribbon with a pendant as necklaces, a ring is on her left hand, and she has flowers in her hair. She stands by a window and holds cherries.

Location: Unknown
Decade: 1770s
Credits: Library of Virginia.