called Elizabeth Peyton Beverley (Mrs. Peter Beverley, d. 1723) / Woman of the Beverley family

Artist: Unknown
Date: probably 1700-1730

The subject attribution is from the Frick Art Reference Library. It could be a different Beverley family member; the portrait descended in the Beverley family. Family tradition only identifies her as “Mrs. Beverley.” Peter Beverley (ca. 1688-1728) of Gloucester County married Elizabeth Peyton. The portrait is heavily overpainted. However, costume details bear strong resemblance to that of Elizabeth Gwynne Lyde Tayloe suggesting a possible artist relationship between the two and a possible date between 1700 and 1720. It could also be related to the Brodnax limner (possibly Robert Dowsing) working in Jamestown around 1720.

Dimensions: 29 x 25 in. (73.66 x 63.5 cm.)

Subject wears a dress embellished with strands of pearls and lace, a pearl drop earring, and drapery around her arms. Her right arm crosses her body to grab the drapery. The background appears plain.


Family: Beverley
Location: Unknown
Credits: Private collection. Photograph by Ira W. Martin, courtesy of the Frick Art Reference Library.