called Henry Corbin (1629-1675)

Artist: Unknown
Date: ca. 1710-1730

The attribution is based on family tradition. Henry Corbin was the father of Ann Corbin, who married William Tayloe. Their son was John Tayloe I, and the portrait descended in his family. However, the portrait appears to have been painted by the same artist who painted Elizabeth Gwynne Lyde Tayloe and David Lyde in ca. 1720, which strongly suggests that the subject is misidentified. The portrait potentially represents John Tayloe I or Stephen Lyde, Elizabeth Gwynne Lyde Tayloe’s first husband. It could also be another member of the Lyde, Tayloe, or Corbin families.

Dimensions: 28 x 24 in. (71.12 x 60.96 cm.)

The subject wears a dark jacket with red lining and a jeweled clasp. He wears a long white wig.

See: MESDA Database, S-4301

Credits: Private collection, MESDA Object Database, record S-4301, Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA), Winston-Salem, NC.