George Booth (d. 1777)

Date: 1748-1750

George Booth was the son of Mordecai and Joyce Armistead Booth. He was likely painted in Gloucester. He lived at Ware Neck in Gloucester County.

Dimensions: 50 1/4 x 39 1/2 in. (127.64 x 100.33 cm.)

The portrait shows a boy standing full length flanked by two columns topped with statuary portrait busts of women.The boy wears a brown coat over a red waistcoat trimmed with gold. He wears a powdered wig with a bow visible behind neck. His right hand is on his hip and his left hand holds a bow and arrow. A small brown dog is at his feet holding a bird in his mouth. In the distance is a formal garden with a gate and statues. Beyond that is greenery, a large body of water, and buildings in the distance.

See: Graham Hood, Charles Bridges and William Dering: Two Virginia Painters, 1735-1750 (1978), 103-109; Carolyn J. Weekley, Paintings and Paintings in the Early American South (2013), 191; Wayne Craven, Colonial American Portraiture (1986), 364; Richard H. Saunders and Ellen G. Miles, American Colonial Portraits, 1770-1776 (1987), 164; Colonial Williamsburg eMuseum 

Family: Booth
Location: Ware Neck
Decade: 1740s
Credits: The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Museum Purchase, 1975-242.