John Corbin (1715-1757)

Date: 1755

John Corbin was the father of Martha, Jane, and Gawin Corbin. He lived at Portobago. His parents were Gawin Corbin (1669-1744) and Jane Corbin. His wife was Lettice Lee Corbin.

Reference: A Corbin descendant was said to own a portrait of “Hon. John Corbin, in British uniform, with sword in hand, full-size portrait.” This reference lists that a descendant owned four portraits depicting John, Lettice, Martha, and Jane and Gawin. At the end of the reference a statement reads “(Painted by John Hesselius, 1755).” It is unclear if that artist statement applies only to the last portrait or all four portraits, but it would make sense for the whole group to be painted by Hesselius.

See: Edmund Jennings Lee, Lee of Virginia, 1642-1892: Biographical and Genealogical Sketches of the Descendants of Colonial Richard Lee (1895), 92.

Family: Corbin
Decade: 1750s