Richard Cocke V (1748-1816)

Date: 1769?

Richard Cocke V was the son of Richard Cocke IV. His first wife was Anne Claiborne and his second wife was Theodosia Cowley White. He lived at Shoal Bay. The artist of this portrait is unknown, though it appears the same artist painted his first wife. The attribution to John Durand is tentative. The style of his and his first wife’s portrait suggest it may date to the 1780s, though family tradition dates the wife’s portrait to 1769.

The portrait features a man sitting and turned three-quarters to his left. He wears a brown jacket and waistcoat. His right hand is tucked inside his waistcoat and his left arm rests on a table covered in green cloth. He sits in a green wooden chair.

Special thanks to Richmond Conservation Studio for bringing this portrait to my attention.

Family: Cocke
Credits: Private collection.