Thomas Newton, Jr. (1742-1807)

Artist: John Durand
Date: 1770

Thomas Newton was the son of Thomas and Amy Hutchings Newton of Norfolk. He married Martha Tucker.

Dimensions: 47 7/8 x 36 7/16 in. (121.6 x 92.55 cm.)

The subject wears a red jacket, waistcoat, and trousers. He is turned towards his left. His left hand is tucked into his waistcoat and his right hand is on his hip. To his left is a table covered with a blue cloth. Two letters and a quill in an inkstand are on top of the table. A column is behind his left shoulder and a dark green curtain is on the left side of the painting.

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Family: Newton
Location: Norfolk
Decade: 1770s
Credits: The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Gift of M. Knoedler and Company, Inc., 1954-263.